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The Savoury Gift

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This selection has a very special couple of books. The kind you rarely sit down and read all the way through but every time you do read them they offer up a completely unique and original piece of insight. We like to think of them as books that feed you for life. We also happen to think they best enjoyed while munching on a cornichon. Which is handy as they're included in the selection.

Selection includes:

1 copy of Jenny Linford's The Missing Ingredient

1 copy of Gaudry and friend's, Let's Eat France

1 x 212ml Peard, Date and Ale Chutney

1 x 212ml Piccalilli

1 x 212ml Red Onion Marmalade

1 x 150 ml English Mustard

1 x Maison Marc - Cornichon Malossol

1 x Maison Marc - Cornichon Aigre Doux