One of the things that I love about gooseberry season is that as a season it is still in it's natural state. What I mean by that, is because it isn't a high value crop in huge demand, no one has bothered to try to extend it's season.

The understandable passion for strawberries and raspberries mean that their season has been stretched to the maximum. Enabling a fresh UK supply from May to September.

Not so for the humble goosberry. With it's slightly fury, striped green suit. It has a proper season that lasts for a few weeks in June. And if nothing else but just for the pure alien fun of them, they should be top and tailed, simmer, baked, frozen and fooled.

That also have a special place in the narrative of my family. As you can imagine being born in the 70's with a name like Sky and siblings all of an ilk, we grew up with parents definitely persuing an alternative lifestyle. When they finally married my mum was pregnant with me and my sister (The London Flower Farmer ) and brother were already chasing chickens in the yard. So they married, my sister so dissapointed by our mother's cordory did a good job of dressing up as a bride herself. After the ceremony at the local regristry office in Northallerton, our Granny Sarah made a celebration gooseberry fool. Their honeymoon took place that evening, a picturesque drive in the Yorkshire moors, with the kids in the back.

After a bit of flitting here and there, we moved from Hackney to a house with a garden in Tolleshunt Knights, Essex. This was my first memory of having a garden and gooseberries were the first fruit I remember picking fresh. My first harvest.

Now, our Gooseberry and elderflower jam is my go to morning constituional. A glass of natural yoghurt, a spoon of G&E Jam and perhaps some granola. It sets me up for the day and keeps me until lunch.