When I think about which products we like to make most, my head goes in different directions. Sometimes I am inspired by the incoming season, the next heritage variety, the brightest jewel like colour in the jar.

At other times I am inspired by the craft, making products that stand out for their excellence. Even though I truly believe we out jam other jams, we still make tweaks. Adjustments that develop the craft of our making and always improves the product for the consumer.

Then of course I love to make for those I love. So I make raspberry jam because it’s the only jam my niece and nephew will eat. I bring home the freshest strawberry jam to watch my daughter dip around the pieces of fruit for the jelly and then pass it to her brother who pulls out the whole strawberries to drop into his yoghurt for breakfast.

Then there are some months my favourite thing to make is simply the one that sells the most because that’s the one that makes all the other making possible.